just for u = more money for me


> Not excited about having to download another app on your phone?
Sorry, make room, this one is worth it. Don’t have time to wheel-n-deal & coupon?
Me neither. This app is amazing…


> Everyone has grocery store cards. If you don’t, how are you living your life? save2
NUMBER ONE: It is just crazy to buy grocery store things at regular price.  

If you’re like me, you don’t ever carry grocery store cards, gym cards, coffee shop punch cards (geeze why so many cards people?) so you can just have your grocery store card linked to your phone number.  I’ve tried a bunch of couponing apps like Ibotta, which is awesome. It just hasn’t stuck with me yet…maybe I didn’t try hard enough. I’d love your comments on this!

HOWEVER, I find that the “just for u” app more than pays for the gigabytes of space that it takes up on my phone. Grocery stores are always having sales and most stores just ask that you have a card to receive the benefits. Safeway has one-upped their commitment level from you by asking you to download their app. They make it worth the effort! Promise. The crazy good deals they offer to only ‘just for u’ appers (is that a word?) on things you actually buy, like eggs, cheese, cereal, breakfast bars, veggies, everything is real money.


> Wait, actual free stuff? YES!!!! Occasionally there are FREE items. Yes, totally free. All you have to do is add it to your account (by tapping the item in the app) and then as you check out (under your phone number) when you scan the item, it just comes right off. I got a whole box of FiberOne bars ($4) for free. Thanks for the free breakfast last week Safeway! 


save3Not in Colorado, no Safeway? NO worries. They have sister stores everywhere.
Vons and Albertsons also have Just for U. Even when I travel, like to California, I can just open the “Nearby Stores” function on the app and see what stores in my current area are offering deals. Yay for travel saving!!!


Safeway App



> But the point of this article is not just to get you to download this particular app; it’s to foster an awareness of deals. Even if you’re a MAXI-minimalist, you still have to buy food, so finding hacks and ways to get deals on groceries is so helpful. Try some apps out for yourself! It can’t hurt to download a few, try them out and see what happens! If it doesn’t end up saving you, you can always delete it. More great saving apps coming soon! 


> Drive? Then save money on gas. Even if you don’t buy items on sale, ever dollar you spend at the store goes toward saving you real money at the pump. 



> Get really crafty and buy gift cards on the app.
If you see a gift card for a store you regularly shop at, or you know you need to buy as a gift for someone, tap it on the app.  Not only is it free money back in your pocket, but it’ll go towards your gas rewards! 



save6> Go through the app before you walk into the grocery store. Even if you only take a second, sitting in your car when you park. This is really helpful for so many reasons. By pre-selecting items on the app you are planning and not spontaneously buying. Spontaneous purchasing is one of the biggest killers of saving money. Don’t buy something just because it is on sale. You won’t end up using or liking it.

Sometimes phone service in the store is slow. I’ve had three different carriers and for some reason I always have slow data in grocery stores! Sometimes your phone battery is low and your phone will die as you’re walking around trying to get deals (talk about frustrating!) Finally, don’t be the person walking around the store staring at your phone getting in everyone’s way (ugh, move over!)


safeIf you see an item in the store with the special “just for u” savings tag on it, and you aren’t sure you have it added to your account, don’t worry! You can scan it! Yes, pull up the home page on the app and find the Scan function on the second row. It’ll pull up a camera which you just hold up to the scew on the item. It’ll find it and add it for you. Ahhhh, so easy.



> more on all of these later! Also, I would love if you share your own faves! 

CARTWHEEL – for Target! Similar to “just for u” in that the deals on the app are ONLY available if you have the app and you add them to your account

IBOTTA – my friend swears by this one. I haven’t really made much on it yet, but I’m a casual and sloppy user. 

EBATES – We’ll get to EBATES later…TONS of potential, but my verdict is still out. 


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