melody of a life

Some play music, some sing along to it, dance to it, or simply listen to it.
But for Grandma, music was an integral part of her soul. Everything she did, skate, dance, nurse and love her family was done with the beauty of a symphony.

My first memories of her are picking her up at the airport. Her curly hair was always so neatly done. Before we could even get to the car I would be begging, “Grandma what did you bring for me this time?” and once she would begin unpacking her suitcase the most beautiful dolls would appear for my sister and I.

I remember going to visit grandma and grandpa in Fair Oaks as a child. Hanging on the wall in my grandparent’s bedroom was a huge painting, ‘The Dancer.’ The slender figure of a sassy lady with a beautiful red leotard posed. She seems to eagerly await the cue of the music. Dark hair neatly styled at her shoulders, red high heels fastened and shoulders back ready to charge onto the stage. Grandpa’s portrayal of her gregarious personality in this painting is impeccable.

The perfect harmony of strength and grace can be found on the ice. Feeling the power of a skate blade against the ice filled grandma’s spirit with joy. No one was more fitted to all of the twirling and dancing to the music than my grandmother. Her love of music and performance made her a natural figure skater.

All the way to the very end, music had a hold on grandma’s soul. We would sit in her bedroom and turn the CD player on. Once the notes reached her ears she would stop whatever she was doing and her eyes would be filled with love almost to the point of tears. She’d jump up, grab your hands and start dancing around the room smiling and laughing.

In her last days a reverend would come and play hymns for her on his guitar. One night as we sang along to The Old Rugged Cross I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the life she had led.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 10.16.13 PM

Her life was a song of devotion to her husband Dave and their three children.
It was a melody to each hurting patient she cared for in her days as a nurse.
It was a chorus of encouragement to every soul that crossed her path.
Never has someone lived a more beautiful song than my Grandmother Jean.


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