bella vita // Cory & Treslyn

2014-08-30 09.33.48The most wonderful thing about Treslyn and Cory’s wedding was the picturesque Beaver Creek locale. No, it was the Eden-like floral arrangements. Wait, it was the glow on the faces of their guests as they danced the night away…
Thats just the thing. There were so many incredible moments its hard to pick just one! The fairytale like ceremony, glamorous reception and even the months of preparation leading up to the big day all made up the beautiful mosaic of the Jost-Roberts wedding.

Father’s Blessing – Never have I heard a more caring and wise speech. Paul Jost shared some of his precious insight with his daughter and new son-in-law that night. As he talked about raising Treslyn, his sweet love for her was enough to warm every heart in the room. He wrapped everything up by giving the newlyweds three bits of marriage advise, no doubt from his own experience with his sweet bride Jill.
Say ‘I love you’ to each other every morning and every night.
Edify each other.
Finally, keep God as the center of your lives.
And really, what more could possibly be said about marriage?2014-08-30 12.02.00

Sister’s Toast – Treslyn’s little sister brought a tear to all of our eyes with her toast…including her own. You could hear the love in Alisha’s words and see the excitement on her face. As an older sister I know that nothing is as sweet as knowing that your little sister looks up to you and is proud of you. Alisha shared moments from their childhood that reminded of my own relationship with my dear sister. Its a beautiful thing to be able to look back with laughter and to look forward with anticipation with someone who means so much to you.

Renewed friendship – Reconnecting with Treslyn was quite possibly the best part about this wedding for me. She and I skated together throughout high school and then didn’t see or speak to each other for about six years! Seeing her again throughout this spring and summer to talk about the wedding was so much fun. We got to catch up and talk about ‘real life’ after college and laugh about the old ice skating days. Its so special to be able kindle a new friendship with an old friend.

2014-08-30 15.40.10-1The Mother’s Smile – Of course absolutely none of this would have been possible were it not for the hard work of Treslyn’s lovely mother Jill. She poured so much of her time, talents and energy into making this one of the most perfect and beautiful days of her daughter’s life. Seeing Jill glow with pride and love that evening was an unforgettable moment. Her attention to detail in every facet of the wedding was perfect! From organizing all the vendors to making sure the gold monogram “R” (for her daughter’s new last name) was in the perfect position at the reception, Jill did everything to ensure that their family and friends would remember the magic of that day.


So here’s to Cory and Treslyn
and the power of their strong love,
devotion to each other and passion for life.
Dance every night away and don’t ever stop smiling.

2014-08-30 20.11.09



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